Sunday, September 2, 2012

My Favorite Things Nail Art Challenge: Day 5- Polka Dots

I love polka dots! They are one my favorite things to do on my nails because they are simple, and easy to do.  For this look I used my dotting tool and a q-tip to get two different sized polka dots! I LOVE this look.  I wore them for almost a week, and I loved this pattern.  It kind of reminds me of minnie mouse for some reason.  Only two of my nails chipped after working, so I just took those off and painted them plain and did the same on the other hand.  Kind of a weird accent nail type thing, but I still really enjoyed it.  The color I used was China Glaze Go Go Pink, which ordinarily I wouldn't really like, but it was part of a support breast cancer package, and I decided to finally try it out.  I did the dots using OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls.  I also used my new Poshe strengthening base coat and seche vite. Wow, I didn't realize I wrote that much! Time for pictures!

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