Friday, October 19, 2012

Beauty Blogger VoxBox 2012 Review!

Oh my gosh, I am so excited to share this with you guys.  Awhile back I saw a blog post about influenster and joined, and I was chosen to receive the Beauty Bloggers VoxBox 2012!! I was so excited that I was picked.  I was even more excited when my box came!

 This is what the box looked like from the outside when I got it. 


This is what I saw when I opened the box! Look at all the goodies!

There was a neat little card that had all of the products listed, along with a description and price.  


 I've never worn fake eyelashes before, but these look really cool. 

The next is a mini candle from Bath & Body Works.  The scent is black pepper bergamot, which smells really delicious! It also had a coupon for a three wick candle.  

The next product is a NYC IndividualEyes custom compact.  This was really cool, and I really liked the look, even though it's for brown eyes and I have blue eyes.  I think it actually looked better when I got home from school then it did before school.  It almost got intensified in a really cool way.  

The next item is a EBOOST packet, which is kind of like a little energy boost type thing.  It looks cool, but I'm not quite sure about the flavor.  I hope it tastes like tang, because I LOVE that stuff.


 This product is really cool.  It's a not your mothers kinky moves curl defining cream.  It smelt nice in the bottle, but I didn't really like how it smelt in my hair, but it wasn't strong enough that it overpowered my other products.  I liked how this product worked, and the scent is the only negative thing I can find with it.


 Vitabath is a brand I've never heard of, and it actually is a surprise favorite from here.  I wasn't sure at all about the scent, citron leaves, but it really grew on me.  I'd like to try other scents from this brand, it was strong but not too strong, and it had good staying power. 

  I've seen the spin pins at the store, but always thought those would never work for me.  I have long, thick curly hair, and those are some pretty thin bobby pin contraptions.  These worked SO well for me, and I love them! I never thought they would work, but they did and I love the results!

 These pictures didn't turn out too good, but you get the idea.  It's very hard to take a picture of a bun on your head.  I redid the first one, and the second one is how I wore my hair for the day.  It stayed in all day, is not uncomfortable and is super easy to do! I totally recommend these. 

 If you want to sign up, just go to  It's a really cool site, you sign up and earn badges and then you can get chosen to recieve a voxbox to review. 

If you have any questions about any of the products or influenster, leave me a comment or email me. 

Have a great day! Hope you enjoyed this review! 


  1. Congrats! I love getting fun freebies in the mail :)

  2. Cool! Congrats on the box of goodies. And your hair looks great!


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