Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Black and White Challenge Day 3: Black with color

So for my black with color, I wanted to use 2 of my new polishes from the hunger games collection.  I was so excited to get these, I love the Hunger games series, and I loved some of these colors.  Smoke and Ashes is a dark, blackish blue with flecks of green.  It is so pretty.  I added Luxe and Lush on top of that, and it was so pretty.

You can kind of see the shimmer in Smoke and ashes, but its so pretty.  And I only had to use one coat! Always a plus.  I used essie grow faster base coat, one coat of smoke and ashes, and one coat of luxe and lush, followed by seche vite.  I loved this so much.  Its such a pretty combination.

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