Friday, March 23, 2012

Hunger Games Nails

I am so excited to see the movie tonight.  I have worn all four of the shades I bought now, and I love all of them.   To see the movie today, I chose to wear Riveting with Luxe and Lush over it.

This picture seemed to be the most accurate, after I shifted the colors a little bit.  Its so pretty for spring and summer.  This is two coats. 


Riveting looks gorgeous with Luxe and Lush over it.  One coat.

 I also wore electrify which is really pretty.  It was so shiny and fun.  It was thick, and only took two coats.

 Smoke and Ashes is a really pretty black, with a little bit of green and blue shimmer in it.  Its very pretty.  This is only one coat! 

Luxe and Lush looks so pretty over this.  I like it over this the best, because its black, but you can see the blue and green in it. 

I used essie grow faster basecoat and seche vite top coat for these.

Happy Hunger Games Nail Polish! 

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