Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Last Friday Night vs Hottie

I love Katy Perry and nail polish, so of course I had to have the Katy Perry collection.  I originally got the mini's, but then bought a full sized bottle of Last Friday Night and Not Like the Movies, which coincidentally are two of my favorite Katy Perry songs.  My sister had Sinful Colors Hottie, and I wanted to see how it looked next to Last Friday Night, and I was surprised to see the difference.  I used two coats of China Glaze Frostbite over essie grow faster, which is an awesome bright blue.  I usually wear Last Friday Night over a more navy blue, but I wanted to try out Frostbite.

 In the bottle, they look exactly the same.

 But on the nail..
 Last Friday Night on pointer and ring finger, hottie on middle finger and pinkie.  One coat of each. 

Last Friday Night on middle finger and pinkie, two coats.  One coat of hottie on pointer and ring.

As you can see, hottie has more silver glitter and has more coverage.  Last Friday Night has less silver glitter, but more pink/blue glitter, which is very pretty.  They are both very pretty, and I really like the look of both of them.

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