Wednesday, May 16, 2012

OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls

Leave it to me to love a grey-ish white.  After loving a bright teal color and a bright orange, the next color I love would be something basic like a white.  This color captivated me, and I wanted it from the moment I first saw it.  It lived up to its expectations I think.  I really like this color, and I think it's very sophisticated in a way, yet a little edgy at the same time. 

 I used I used OPI Natural Nails base coat, two coats of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls and OPI Top Coat.  A few hours later, I wanted to add a little something more to it, and added a coat of China Glaze Luxe and Lush.  I immediately regretted this, it looked cool, but I liked the color better by itself.  I also tried to stamp on it with OPI Into the Night, but that was a disaster to say the least.  

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